What To Wear On A Plane

With the easing of traditional values over the last thirty or forty years, many dress codes have changed to the point of being non-existent. For example, thirty or forty years ago, no one would have gone to see their bank manager in less than their Sunday best and no one would have flown in less than acceptable clothing. All that has gone by the by. So, what to wear on a plane, you may ask.

Well, people used to board a plane in business-appropriate clothing, stuff that would not look out of place in an office, although many people also dressed in jeans and a t-shirt if they were going on holiday. These days, most people fly in a pair of jeans or jogging pants and a t-shirt no matter where they are going. This lessening of respect is a good thing in some ways, but as usual some people have to take it to extremes. Have you ever seen people flying in their night attire? Some people try it.

It is important to be able to be at ease on a plane, particularly if it is a long flight, although if business is at the other end it is wise to take a change of clothing in an over night bag so that you can change in the airport before continuing your journey.

The ideal clothing for flying (long distance) is loose fitting, soft, comfortable clothing. But there are two things you should be conscious of if you are the sort who goes to extremes.

Firstly, you will never, ever be considered for an up-grade, if your attire does not fit in with the class you want to be up-graded to. If you are wearing a t-shirt, jogging pants and trainers, do not think that you have a chance in a thunder storm of getting into business class. Secondly, have some respect for your fellow passengers. Not everybody wants to sit next to a scruff bag or a man in his dressing gown or boxer shorts.

Another aspect to consider is security. Does the alarm go off every time you are screened? Well, maybe you should do something about it. All right, the security staff ask you to take off all jewellery, but is there other metal in your garments?

Some collars have metal stiffeners as do many shoes. Belts nearly invariably have a metal buckle. Are you wearing cuff links? A hair slide? Bras and some other under garments can have wire in them. Jeans and many other casual trousers and skirts have metal zips, rivets or fasteners. You can help speed things up for everyone, if you try to wear clothes that will not hinder your progress through security.

If you keep these simple suggestions in mind when you go flying you will make the job of the security staff simpler and speed up your overall progress to your seat. If you think about your fellow travellers with respect and remember about up-grades. You could be the only one on board who is suitable to up-grade in these times of lenient social dress codes.


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